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A goshdurn opossum is stalking the Philadelphia Phillies at spring training (photos)

Opossums arguably are the ugliest, nastiest and most hostile critters with which a person can cross paths. The mean-ass marsupial is best known for its “playing possum” routine during which a cornered opossum will play dead in order to confuse and deter predators when it is threatened. Clearly, the nasty opossum who has infiltrated the spring training facilities of the Philadelphia Phillies is a bold one, unafraid of interacting with humans, as it was spotted patrolling the grounds in Clearwater, Fla. on Wednesday.

Man, those things are ugly. Phillies players would be wise to steer clear of this cretinous critter. Because once a possum is cornered and the “playing possum” card has been played to no avail, they can turn pretty mean in an instant. Yeesh.

This isn’t the first member of the animal kingdom that has made an appearance at an MLB team’s spring training. Earlier this week, a raccoon took in a New York Yankees practice from the seats:

New York Yankees Spring Training

Raccoons. Much cuter, cuddlier and friendlier than a goshdurn possum.

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