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Justin Verlander rolled into Tigers spring training driving a bright orange Lamborghini (pic)


Let’s cut to the chase, okay? It’s good being Justin Verlander. Pretty multi-million-dollar-making, supermodel-dating and superstar-status-attaining good.

According to a CBS Detroit report, the Detroit Tigers ace rolled into the team’s spring training complex in Lakeland, Fla., cruising in this exotic sports car.

Yep, it’s a Lamborghini. A bright orange one. An orange so intense that my rods and cones are all screwed up simply from looking at it. Is this milk I am drinking? Or is it orange juice? Or some combination of both, like an Orange Julius thing? I can’t tell. But it is good.

Not quite as good as Verlander’s life but oh well. The guy is clearly back together with Kate Upton, after rumors of the two rekindling a romance began to surface after the two were spotted together at a Philadelphia Flyers game. And now this sweet ride, which apparently runs for about $400,000.

Yep, it’s good to be Justin Verlander.

But here’s the question. Which is the more gaudy and absurd means of transportation: Verlander’s Lamborghini or Grant Balfour’s street-legal tank-like truck? Hard to say, man. Hard to say.

[H/T It’s Always Sunny in Detroit, image via @LauraB2018]