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John Calipari’s ‘Whaaaaaaaaat?’ reaction GIF the giffiest GIF of reaction GIFs (GIF)


The Kentucky Wildcats may have enjoyed a relatively easy road victory over the Ole Miss Rebels on Tuesday, winning by a score of 84-70 after jumping out to a 17-point first-half lead, but something occurred during one point in the game that got head coach John Calipari somewhat befuddled and demonstrative.

As the coach was interacting with a Wildcats player, Calipari, after quizzically cocking his head, unleashed a fantastic “Whaaaaaat???” reaction to either what the player just said or did on the court. It was priceless.

And the estimable GIF King of Twitter CJ Fogler afforded us the opportunity to enjoy the reaction GIF in reverse:

I’m not sure which one is better, but both are awesome.