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Nope, nothing ostentatious, gaudy or showy about Grant Balfour’s behemoth truck (pic)


Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Grant Balfour rolled into Spring Training in the above truck. Yep, it’s extremely large. And ridiculous, over the top, extravagant, pretentious or whatever synonym for ostentatious you want to throw in there.

That behemoth resembles how I have always envisioned Big Daddy Bodine’s truck that had the name “The Behemoth” to look.

Why on God’s Green Earth would Balfour ever need such a ginormous vehicle? Is he planning some kind of assault on a heavily fortified terrorist encampment or something? Otherwise, this truck is silly. Just plain silly.

I mean, what kind of person would ever purchase, let alone without cause, drive around in such a ridiculous machine?

Oh yeah. That kind of person. Now I understand, and in doing so, understand Grant Balfour that much more.

[H/T Hardball Talk, image via @RaysBaseball]