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Carmelo Anthony appears to check out attractive woman seated courtside (video)

Carmelo Anthony appeared — okay, not appeared, it looks pretty clear what’s going on here — to be getting his ogle on following another loss by the New York Knicks. The Knickerbockers were walking off the court after losing to the Memphis Grizziles by a score of 98-93 — the team’s third straight loss — when a comely female seemed to catch Carmelo’s eye.

As he strolled by, in a move reminiscent of Tom Brady’s creepy scope-out of a girl on the sidelines, Anthony appears to give a little smile and then does the old double-triple take, looking back at the attractive young woman, a “Hey, Baby” look by all accounts.

While it is certainly a relatively harmless event — what married man — or woman, for that matter — hasn’t stolen a glance (or two or three) at a individual he or she deems to be attractive? Further, there is no way to confirm exactly what transpired in those few moments. It is even possible she said something untoward about Anthony and his smile and reaction simply is him shrugging it off.

Another look from a different angle lends credence to the possibility that the young lady was giving Carmelo a bit of a “come hither” look:

Yamma hamma. But Carmelo cannot be blamed for a girl making eyes at him. The first take, second and third takes, however…

Whatever it was, innocuous or not, one thing is for sure: La La Anthony, Carmelo’s adoring wife, if she ever sees it, ain’t going to like it.

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