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Crikey! Adam Scott jokingly threatens to serve kangaroo at Masters Champions Dinner


As the winner of last year’s Masters, Adam Scott is charged with putting together the Champions Dinner that is held on the eve of the tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. It’s no surprise that the champion from the preceding year routinely attempts to put their own personal stamp upon the menu, if that’s from showcasing cuisine from where they grew up to stocking the menu with their favorite dishes.

Last year, when Bubba Watson hosted the banquet, the menu had a down-home theme befitting a country kid born in Bagdad, a city tucked into the panhandle of Florida. It featured mac & cheese, mashed potatoes and other southern culinary staples.

Well, of course Scott is from Australia — g’day, mate — and he threatened, hopefully jokingly, that if he has to, he’ll include some unconventional fare in order to pay tribute to his Aussie heritage.

What? No vegemite sandwiches? Or how about throwing some shrimp on the barbie? That’s not a knife, this is a knife…

Oops. Got carried away with my references to the land Down Under. Where woman glow and men plunder…

Oops again.

But kangaroo? Now that would be a scene. While kangaroo meat may in fact be delicious, one can only imagine how attendees would reluctantly sample the meat after turning their noses up to the nontraditional protein.


Looks good enough, right? And for a beer pairing — if that’s Scott’s choice — I’d recommend staying away from Foster’s (that would be far too obvious, almost cliche) and instead, in order to better compliment the meat served, opt for something a bit “hoppier.”


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