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Pirates outfielder Travis Snider falls victim to the routine ‘finger injury by sweet potato’


As MLB teams begin the process of reconvening for Spring Training, reports undoubtedly will surface regarding the bizarre kind of injuries major league ballplayers suffer at an alarming frequency, at least much more than their athlete counterparts in other professional sports leagues.

Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Travis Snider and his perceived shortcomings when it comes to safe vegetable-cutting skills bring us our first freakish spring training injury casualty.

Yep, Snider cut his finger cutting up sweet potatoes.

Via Pirates Blog:

Travis Snider’s toe is doing well, but another minor scrape will keep him from throwing for a day or two. Snider cut a finger on his left hand while chopping a sweet potato and has a bandage on the tip of the finger.

First of all, how was he slicing the sweet potatoes? Was he dicing, julienning? Or was he using one of the those razor-sharp mandolines to obtain the coveted ultra-thin slice of sweet potato goodness?

Further, for what purpose was he chopping up sweet potatoes? For a snack? Scrumptious sweet potato pie? Sweet potato bacon skins? Because if he was whipping up sweet potato bacon skins, well, he deserves no pity. Those things are nasty when compared to their much tastier russet potato bacon skins counterparts.

Since this may be one of the few times Travis Snider will be mentioned on this here site, we might as well document his clubhouse antics from Monday. You see, Snider is a native of the Seattle area, so one of the first things he did upon arriving at the Pirates’ spring training — not sure if this was before or after the sweet potato incident — was do a little bragging about the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl, courtesy of some clubhouse mugging and posing:

That’s great and all, and we’re happy for him, but let us not forget: He hurt himself cutting sweet potatoes.

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