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LeBron James on Slam Dunk Contest: ‘I didn’t even watch it’ (but he had a ‘good’ excuse)


LeBron James has been asked an innumerable amount of times why he does not participate in the Slam Dunk Contest during All-Star Weekend. And time after time he has expressed no interest whatsoever in participating, ever, even though when pressed,  he has insisted he would win it. And a post-practice video where King James throws down a series of powerful, authoritative and dazzling dunks certainly lends credence behind his proclaimed and justified overconfidence.

But is it possible that not only does LeBron have no interest in competing in the dunk contest he also has no interest in even watching it?

When asked about his thoughts on the contest, LeBron replied, “I didn’t even watch it.”

While his comments regarding his eschewing taking in the Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday would lead people to believe that is the case, LeBron had a perfectly reasonable explanation why he didn’t watch.

Somebody call the Cable Guy!

“I didn’t watch it, not because I didn’t want to,” James said, according to Bleacher Report. “But TNT was the only channel that wasn’t working on my television. I promise you that is a fact, that is an absolute fact. If you ask anybody who stayed at the Ritz on Canal Street, ask them if TNT worked. I turned to it, and it said, ‘satellite is not coming in.'”

James did say he caught some highlight clips afterward.

“I have seen some of the clips,” James said. “I have seen John Wall. I have seen the three guys in a row, where he threw one off the glass, but I didn’t get to see it. So I ended up watching Florida and Kentucky, that was on at the same time, which was a great time.”

Fair enough.

Although had LeBron truly wanted to watch the Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday night, it’s a near-certainty someone would have been able to get him a seat or a spot inside New Orleans’ Smoothie King Center to take in the action. Or how about venturing out to some super-exclusive club to watch from behind velvet ropes or a VIP room?

Or maybe he didn’t care to watch but simply had a convenient excuse for not taking in the contrived and almost-unwatchable spectacle the Slam Dunk Contest has turned into over the years. That’s been my reason, at least.

But when pressed — yet again — whether he’ll ever take part, LeBron’s song remained the same: “No,” he said. Nope.”

Fair enough.