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Patriots post Bill Belichick Valentine’s Day card on Twitter that is very Belichickian (photo)

Awesome. It is what it is, indeed. Although in order to really melt the heart of your Valentine, one must hold on to hope that the New England Patriots will also tweet out a dreamy Tom Brady card to go with this very Belichickian Bill Belichick Valentine.

Sure, he loves the occasional Christmas song and pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, but the look on Coach Belichick’s face really seals the deal. Annoyed, a bit belabored, perhaps, but always sincere. That’s how Bill Belichick treats Valentine’s Day sentiments. What else would you expect from a man who smiled only seven times during post-game press conferences this past season?

Hopefully, Belichick’s longtime gal-pal, Linda Holliday — who Tom Brady once audibled using the word “Cougar” in a reference to her — receives a warmer Valentine’s Day card from her sometimes curmudgeonly boyfriend.

Maybe Bill will present Linda with this LeGarrette Blount-themed card:

Heh. I’ll be “Blount.”

[H/T For the Win]