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Johnny Manziel: Draft day slide would turn ‘that chip on my shoulder from a Frito into a Dorito’


Wait. What? Either Johnny Manziel had Frito-Lay on the brain or simply was trying to make it abundantly clear how he would feel should the Houston Texans opt to pass on him with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Before using the salty snack imagery, Manziel, whose stock has shot up significantly on draft boards and mock drafts since the end of the college football season, said it would be a dream come true should he be able to play pro football in his home state of Texas.


“I want them to say absolutely, without a doubt, with 100 percent certainty, that I’m who they want,” Manziel said, according to The Houston Chronicle. “I want everybody from the janitor at Reliant Stadium to the front office executive assistant all the way up to (owner) Bob McNair to say, ‘This kid is 100 percent, can’t miss. This is who we want being the face of our program. We want the Texas kid staying in Texas and leading the Texans.'”

Manziel, born in Tyler, Texas, and played high school football in Kerrville, and then became a national phenomenon with the Texas A&M Aggies, further made it clear his hopes of continuing to play football in the Lone Star State.

“I’m a Texas kid. The state means a lot to me,” he said.

Finally, the somewhat odd yet appetizing snack food reference. Commenting upon how he would react should the Texans elect to pass on him, Manziel stated he would make them regret it each and every time he was afforded the opportunity. If the Texans do choose to go in a different direction, the most logical place for Johnny Football to land would be with the Jacksonville Jaguars at No. 3.

“It would be the worst decision they’ve ever made,” he said, talking about the Texans. “I’d be in the same division playing against them twice a year. Sorry, but you just turned that chip on my shoulder from a Frito into a Dorito.”

Question: Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese? Ooh, or one of those “JACKED” varieties? Because if so, that wouldn’t be good for the Texans. Those chips be spicy!