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Dwight Howard posts photo of himself dunking all over Kobe Bryant (photo)

Dwight Howard, apparently feeling pretty loosey-goosey during the NBA’s All-Star break and not overly concerned with waking a sleeping mamba, took to his Instagram account to post a photo of himself dunking all over Kobe Bryant from when he was a member of the Orlando Magic.

The Houston Rockets center must believe that Kobe Bryant is willing to let bygones be bygones over any possible animosity between the two following Howard’s departure from the Los Angeles Lakers and simply take the post as a joke. Kobe, whose mood rarely raises above surly when it comes to basketball and taking competition and the game seriously, wll probably just laugh it off, right?

The fact that Howard makes reference to an occasion when a previous posterization occurred between the two but the roles were reversed. Howard writes in the post: “Throwback hahahahah. Nothin like how he got me but look at dfish and pau face hhahah.”

As Pro Basketball Talk notes, Howard presumably is referring to this vulgar display of posterizing.

Yeah, I’m sure everything is all hunky-dory between Howard and Kobe. It’s not like Bryant ever forgets a slight, even if it was in jest.