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DeSean Jackson gets Los Angeles Angels tattoo inked into his neck (photo)

DeSean Jackson already boasts a significant amount of ink on his body. The Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver took to his Instagram account recently to showcase some new tattoo work that has been done upon his neck.

But the subject of the ink may cause a little confusion, as the new tattoo is the Los Angeles Angels logo.

Weird, right?

Especially when one learns that this isn’t the only MLB-related tattoo for Jackson. The wideout also has a Washington Nationals tattoo on his arm:


Jeez, if he keeps this up, Jackson will be a walking MLB billboard.

Some may question why Jackson has chosen to get baseball team tattoos. Why not a tattoo dedicated to, say, the Eagles?

There’s a method to his major league madness. Getting an Eagles tattoo is rife with risk, especially as long as Jackson is playing in the NFL. What happens if at some point down the line he is traded or released by the Eagles and signs on with another team? That would be awkward.

Instead, getting MLB team-related tattoos carry virtually no risk of later regret, so much as team loyalty or what have you is concerned.

Keep the MLB tattoos coming, DeSean Jackson. The more the better.

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