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Asked if he feels good about choice to announce intentions to retire, Derek Jeter says, ‘I do’


A day after dropping the arguably the biggest MLB news heading into spring training, Derek Jeter arrived at the New York Yankees minor league training complex on Thursday and spoke publicly for the first time since announcing on Facebook he plans to retire following the 2014 season.

But those waiting for some long, expansive and insightful comments from Jeter were left disappointed, as the shortstop essentially sidestepped all inquiries, stating he intends to address the issue more fully once spring training kicks off next week.

When asked by reporters if he felt good about how things have played out following his announcement, Jeter, according to the New York Daily News, replied, “I do.”

Ha. If only a woman could get Jeter to say those same words, am I right? HEY-OHH!!! That way Mariano Rivera could opt for a different answer when asked what an ideal gift for Jeter would be.

Moving on, Jeter said little and revealed little after being met by media and a couple dozen autograph seekers, saying “I will address it when we get over there (spring camp), the first day of spring. It’s easier that way.”

A Yankees spokesperson echoed Jeter’s response, indicating the Jeter likely will hold a press conference next week.

What a whirlwind Jeter’s announcement has whipped up. And for anyone already growing weary with the fanfare — between the comparisons to Jesus, stories of skyrocketing ticket prices and the so-called “Dating Diamond”, to name a few — better get over it and get used to it. Odds are the interest and subsequent coverage of Jeter’s ride into the sunset will be even grander than Mariano Rivera’s season-long farewell tour.