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Giants running back David Wilson back in rabbit head, now he’s eating watermelon in it (video)


New York Giants running back David Wilson might be a “hare” insane. Why? Because he once again has posted a video to the interwebs featuring himself donning the now-infamous rabbit head.

The cheerfully spooky — not dreadfully spooky like “Frank” from “Donnie Darko” — rabbit head first made an appearance back in October, when Wilson posted a video of himself taking a stroll around Times Square in the aforementioned adorable mammalian mask.

Following neck surgery last month, Wilson sans rabbit head, mooned New York from his hospital room following neck surgery.

While the bare butt-based hijinks are a hoot, nothing compares to that old rabbit head. So Wilson brought it back out recently … in order to eat some watermelon … while flexing and dancing in his kitchen. Yep. Actually,

Wilson is sipping the watermelon juice through a straw. Weird. But what was in that glass? Wilson writes, “I’ve been drinking,” followed by the hashtag “#watermelon.” Does he mean he’s been drinking booze? Because watermelon soaked in vodka can be a refreshing way to enjoy some liquor.