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Sweet Fancy Moses, Al Roker and Matt Lauer wearing spandex and luging is nightmare fuel (pics/vids)

GAH! Something tells me that if Bob Costas is finally on the mend from his bubonic plague pinkeye, he’d prefer to go back to not being able to see well at all if presented with these images.

In an abundantly clear demonstration that donning spandex isn’t for the tame or modest, TODAY show stars Matt Lauer and Al Roker wedged themselves into luge uniforms and took a run during the morning show’s Winter Olympics coverage on Friday from Sochi.

The sight of the two in spandex alone is enough to cause at least an enhanced risk of suffering bad dreams, the banter between the Roker and Lauer during the segment ups the ante just a tad.

The difference this time around — Matt got to ride on top, the position on the luge he believed he should have had the first time around.

“You’re not going to be cold because I’m going to be nice and warm on top of you,” Matt said.

“That warms the cockles of my heart,” Al responded.

Heh. Cockles.

Videos of Al and Matt’s magical luge excursion follow:

“I think that went well, we’re still alive!” Roker said.

“Roker, come here, give me a hug,” Matt replied.

After a successful first run, Matt and Al opted to go for round two. Big mistake.

“The run felt off from the start — like we were going down the track at a different angle than we should have been,” Matt explained.

Good stuff. Well, interesting, maybe not so good, really.