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Our long national nightmare is over: Pierre the Pelican no longer a hell-spawned demon bird (photo)


After some witty hijinks when the New Orleans Pelicans announced earlier this week that its once-terrifying mascot, Pierre the Pelican, suffered a traumatic beak injury and would be forced to undergo facial reconstructive surgery — a means through which the team could tone down the hell-spawned demon bird’s appearance — the final results have been revealed.

And with a bit of sadness — but mostly relief — allow me to introduce the current incarnation of Pierre the Pelican:

A nicer, friendlier and less traumatizing mascot to be sure. Predictably cuddlier and family-friendly. But it was in a way refreshing to have Pierre the Pelican prowling NBA arenas and stalking unwitting fans with its ghastly visage. Now, the NBA mascot community returns to its squeaky-clean, harmless and non-psychologically damaging reputation.

We’ll miss you, Nightmare Fuel Pierre the Pelican. It was a short, but horrifying, run.