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Katherine Webb called ‘jersey chasing slut’ on Twitter, later posts photo sans makeup (pic)


While the two stories are unlikely related in the least sense, Katherine Webb’s social media activity on Twitter has ranged from reacting to hateful, uncalled-for comments from troglodytic knuckle-draggers to bravely posting a photo of herself completely devoid of any application of any makeup.

Last week, Webb, the stunning 24-year-old former Miss Alabama and model girlfriend of former Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback A.J. McCarron, even though she shouldn’t have felt compelled to do so at all, responded to some Twitter Troll who called her a “jersey chasing slut,” among other deplorable and vitriolic things.


What a jagoff. She also posted a message indicating that if hate and negativity is all a person is going to spew in her direction, she recommends that those cretinous individuals stop following her.

Certainly not the first time she’s been a target on Twitter and it definitely will not be the last, either. But moving past that example of social media ridiculousness, on Wednesday, Miss Webb posted a close0-up photo of herself without any makeup. Of course, she is just as captivating, beautiful and alluring:

Yep, still pretty, indeed. A natural beauty, to put it mildy.

She writes, “Feeling confident enough today to post this, finally. I have quite a few imperfections too! Grew up feeling insecure and self-conscious about my skin and the white patches that cover half my body, but I don’t care what people think anymore. I just had to get really good at doing makeup.”

Good for Katherine Webb. And Twitter trolls wasting their time hating on her? Suck it.

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