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Derek Jeter’s ‘Dating Diamond’ features Babe Hall of Famers, so … photo galleries? (200+ pics)


Ladies and gentlemen, Derek Jeter’s “Dating Diamond.” It’s what a team’s position lineup would look like if fielded by ten of the countless dating conquests of the retiring New York Yankees legend/ladykiller.

Cleverly put together by EPSN’s SportsNation, the Derek Jeter “Dating Diamond” attempts to hit the highlights of Jeter’s much ballyhooed and enviable love life. Crap, the guy is like the Dobie Gillis of Lothario-like baseball players, if that reference makes any sense to any more than maybe five people.

As you can see by the graphic above, at pitcher is Jeter’s most recent gal-pal, Hannah Davis, Minka Kelly is wielding the tools of ignorance at catcher, Jordana Brewster is at first base, Adrianna Lima is holding down second base, Scarlett Johansson assumes Jeter’s customary position (hey-ohhhh!!) at shortstop and Vanessa Minnillo is holding down the hot corner at third.

Handling the outfield positions are Mariah Carey, Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel.

Not a bad lineup.

Oh, and at designated hitter? To quote Lil Penny Hardaway, That’s Tyra Banks, fool!

So, without further ado and since I’m bored, here’s a semi-extensive gallery touting the photogenic charm and relative beauty of said “Dating Diamond,” which is far better than Dustin Diamond, on so, so many levels.

Note: Some of the lovely ladies have more extensive galleries. This decision was based on a hierarchical and methodical examination solely determinant by this author’s personal preferences (and availability of photos within the Sportress of Blogitude archives — click on photo in each individual gal’s gallery to launch a slideshow)

Hannah Davis — Pitcher

Minka Kelly — Catcher

Jordana Brewster — First Base

Adrianna Lima — Second  Base

Scarlett Johansson — Shortstop

Vanessa Minnillo — Third Base

Mariah Carey — Left Field

Jessica Alba — Center Field

Jessica Biel — Right Field

Tyra Banks — Designated Hitter

(graphic via @SportsNation)