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Tickets to both Opening Day and Derek Jeter’s last game at Yankee Stadium already going for $11,000


The New York Yankees open the 2014 season at home on April 7 against the Baltimore Orioles. The Bronx Bombers also will close-out the year’s regular season campaign on Sept. 25 against the very same Orioles.

Tickets to both games have become an absurdly hot commodity on the secondary market, of course due to the fact the games serve as Yankee Stadium bookends to Derek Jeter’s 20-year MLB career.

According to the New York Daily News, the most recent data available indicates that tickets to both the Opening Day game and the season finale already are being priced out of most fans’ budgets in the secondary market. And in some cases, obscenely so.

The Daily News reports that TiqIQ, a site that tracks secondary market ticket prices, indicates that ticket prices for the regular season finale skyrocketed following Jeter’s retirement announcement on Wednesday. Just before his social media post, the average ticket price was $304.87. Only an hour later, the price increased by a dramatic 278 percent to $1,153.01.

A “Partially Obstructed View” seat in the bleachers was going for $285.50 on Wednesday evening on StubHub.

The dramatic increase shouldn’t come as a surprise, obviously, considering the game in September will be the last time Jeter will don the pinstripes as a player during the regular season.

Chris Matcovich, vice president of data and communications for TiqIQ, told The New York Post that the kind of action that ensued following Jeter’s announcement was amazing.

“The market for this game is one of the craziest we have seen in terms of initial demand and how quickly tickets were taken down from re-sale sites by brokers,” he said, although not surprising.

“[That’s] not a surprise,” adding, “But it is a surprise that he’s retiring, and that it came out of nowhere.”

Matcovich also told The Post that where the final ticket price comes to a rest will depend in large part to the kind of season the Yankees are having come autumn.

“What will happen is that later in the season, if the Yankees are having a great season, the ticket price will drop,” he said, explaining that if the Yankees look as if they’re going to make the playoffs, the Sept. 25 game will not be the last chance to see Jeter at Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees already have had to make some adjustments to its partial season ticket plans. After learning of Jeter’s impending retirement, a 12-game package previously available that included the Sept. 25 game mysteriously disappeared and was no longer listed.

A ticketing source reportedly informed The Post that the “plan got sold out,” adding, “I’m thinking [the Yankees] took it down because they realize they have the [Sept. 25] game on the plan.”

As the season progresses and his final regular season game at Yankee Stadium gets nearer and nearer, odds are the prices will remain sky-high, even if the Yankees are in the tank before August. But $11,000? That’s kooky talk, man.