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David Wright rocking a brand-new hairdo, asks, ‘How is the flow, good? Is the flow looking good?’


Stop the presses! Big-time MLB offseason news that surely will rock the baseball world as we know it! Derek Jeter announcing his impending retirement? P’shaw! New York Mets superstar David Wright is rocking a brand-spanking-new hairdo!

Allow that news to soak in before continuing.

Wright, who already was enjoying an eventful humdinger of an offseason after taking the plunge and marrying Molly Beers, made an appearance at the team’s pre-camp on Thursday where he premiered his new ‘do.


Wright traditionally has kept his hair relatively closely-cropped (top) may even be deferring to hairstyle advice from his wife — as evidenced by the easygoing, more fashion-forward and laid-back hairstyle.

Of course, he is curious about how it looks (via the New York Post):

“I’ve got good flow,” Wright said with a big smile Thursday of his new haircut, which is short on the sides and comes to a wavy crest. “How is the flow, good? Is the flow looking good?”

Fascinating stuff. And yes, David Wright, the flow is good.

(image via Twitter)