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David Beckham reportedly considering naming new MLS franchise ‘Miami Vice’ (photos)


In a story too good to be true — more on that later — The Palm Beach Post is reporting that David Beckham and the ownership group that is bringing a Major League Soccer franchise to Miami are considering naming the team “Miami Vice.”

Sources reportedly informed the newspaper that the ownership group is kicking around three possible names: the aforementioned Miami Vice, Miami Current and an unknown name believed to be tied to a potential corporate sponsor.

During a presentation to the City of Miami, Miami-Dade County and potential investors, potential logos, kits and the like reportedly were introduced, one of them allegedly featuring the Miami Vice moniker.

One of the logos used in the Beckham group’s presentations, for a team called “Miami Vice,” includes dark gray and aqua colors, with soft pink accents. The letters ‘M’ and ‘V’ form a badge, with an upward-struck soccer ball in the foreground. The kit features an aqua shirt and dark gray shorts with soft pink stripes.

The logo and uniforms were designed for the presentation only and are not likely the final version. The colors, however, are expected to be the same.

Beckham alluded to possible names for the upcoming MLS franchise following a Feb. 5 news conference during a video chat with fans (video here).

“We do have ideas for a team name,” Beckham said. “I’m sure people would have liked me to stood on the stage today and say, ‘This is the name, [these] are the colors, but I want it to be right. I know how important a name is to a city and to the fans.”

The Palm Beach Post also obtained images of how the kits would appear should the ownership opt to go with the kitschy, 1980s pop culture-referencing moniker.

Awesome. This may be the best team name idea in the history of team name ideas. By all accounts should Beckham and company go for it.

Sadly, despite the enjoyable trip back into 80s nostalgia prompted by the speculation, a David Beckham spokesman played the role of a wet blanket and shot down the rumors (via New York Daily News):

Hogwash, indeed. Not only would Miami Vice be a great team name for obvious reasons, goodness knows Jan Hammer, the creator of the “Miami Vice” theme, could use the residuals should the team use his synth-heavy soundtrack as the official team song. Which of course it should.

Heck, maybe the team could bring in Phillip Michael Thomas in some capacity. The guy surely could use the work. Crap, he’d probably be open to a concessions job at this point.

And Don Johnson? I don’t know, throw him a bone, too. Although he’s faring much, much better than the other two. Although that really doesn’t say a whole heckuva lot.