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Captain Clutch: LeBron James hits buzzer-beating three-pointer to vanquish Warriors (video)

LeBron James, as he is wont to do, allowed his heroic actions on the court back up his talk once again on Wednesday night by hitting a clutch three-pointer with less than two seconds remaining on the clock to help the Miami Heat escape with a victory over the Golden State Warriors.

With time running out and the Heat down 110-108, the top of the offensive zone behind the three-point line was cleared out with only Andre Iguodala guarding him one-on-one. LeBron used a fake dribble drive to shake the one-on-one, stepped back and let launch a three.

Of course, nothing but net. Ballgame. Heat 111, Warriors 110, with the money shot capping LeBron’s amazing 36-point, 13-rebound, nine-assist performance.

When asked if he ever thought about going for the tie and looking for two, James said nope.

“I was going for the win the whole time,” James said.

LeBron took a moment following the game-winning shot to take a victory strut and look out upon the deflated Oracle Arena crowd before slapping his chest in triumph (via @cjzero):


Nice little dance-stomp move there at the end.

LeBron’s clutch performance, which only was necessary because the Heat blew a 21-point third quarter lead, even left Warriors star Steph Curry amazed and awed.

“That was like the ultimate buzz kill,” Curry reportedly was overhead telling teammates in the locker room after the game, according to an report. He also apparently could be heard shouting “Wow!” from the showers as well.

Yep, “Wow!” is one of many reactions to what LeBron James seems capable of doing on a nightly basis. Another bravado performance leading the Heat to another thrilling victory certainly lends credence to LeBron’s claim that one day he will belong on the NBA’s “Mount Rushmore.” It’s not just the quality of a performance in one game, it’s the unparalleled frequency of the excellence he routinely demonstrates, leaving fans and opponents left in awe in the wake of his greatness.