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Albert Pujols said Derek Jeter is ‘pretty close’ to Jesus Christ because of course he did


“Do not fret, Albert. While I may be gone some day, I will always be by your side … just like Jesus”

Among the many accolades, well-wishes and other assorted comments from those in the baseball world regarding New York Yankees living legend Derek Jeter announcing that he will retire at the end of the 2014 season, perhaps no one laid on the hyperbole as thick as Los Angeles Angels star Albert Pujols.

According to a tweet from the Los Angeles Times‘ Mike DiGiovanna, here is the otherworldly praise and reverential idolatry Pujols heaped upon Jeter: “On and off field, he’s the way you want your kids to grow up, Only Jesus is perfect, but he’s pretty close to that guy.”

Yes, only Jesus is perfect, especially as it concerns the opinions of a person who often passionately professes his Christian faith, something which Pujols is known to do on frequent occasions. I only wonder who else Pujols believes is befitting of such a characterization. Maybe nobody else on God’s green earth. That’s just how awesome Derek Jeter is, folks. At least according to Pujols.

I guess Pujols may be right. Jesus is probably the only other dude who could cause ticket prices to jump 278 percent in an hour.

Now, can someone Photoshop Jeter’s head onto the “Jesus Playing Baseball” figurine for me?


Much appreciated.

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