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This just in: LeBron James is extremely good at slam-dunking basketballs (videos)

Following the Miami Heat’s practice at US Airways Center as the Heat prepared to play the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night, LeBron James showed with an abundance of evidence that he is one of the best dunkers in the game, regardless of whether or not he’d ever take part in the Slam Dunk Contest during an All-Star Weekend. Which he won’t. Ever.

But that didn’t stop LeBron from demonstrating his incredible dunking prowess on Monday. King James was bouncing ball off every conceivable surface available as cameras rolled, catching the ball and throwing it down with authority.

Teammate Dwyane Wade posted videos of LeBron’s dazzling dunk demonstration to his Instagram account (below), and commented upon what would go down if LeBron every signed up for an All-Star Weekend dunk contest.

Via’s Heat Index:

“The dunk contest [with James] would be one of the most watched events, besides the Grammys, of the year,” Wade said. “I get to see a lot of his dunk contests behind the scenes and I get amazed with some of the things he can do.”

Wade, who has also passed on taking part in the contest in his career, said he knows why James has always turned the offers down.

“I think if [he] did get in it, people would expect him to jump off an airplane,” Wade said. “The expectation is so high that it might be a small letdown as well. The man can fly, but Blake Griffin jumped over cars, so LeBron James has to jump over something else. The window has passed from that standpoint.”

But it ain’t going to happen. LeBron refers to himself as an “in-game dunker” and insists he has no interest in participating in the Slam Dunk Contest. But if he ever did?

“I’d win it,” LeBron boasted.

Hard to argue with him on that score: