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Vodka-swilling Bob Costas and his bubonic plague eyes given Tuesday night off by NBC (photo/videos)


The Bob Costas nasty ass plague eye issue has reached the point of no return as the veteran media man has been pulled from NBC’s prime time telecast of its Winter Olympics coverage after his eye infection spread from his left eye to his right eye.

Costas, who typically does not wear glasses, has been forced to don spectacles due to the rapidly worsening eye infection and reportedly has grown “even worse” since he saw Matt Lauer and and Al Roker earlier in the morning.

Costas revealed the news that he’s out for Tuesday night’s coverage during a live phone call on “TODAY.”

“Reluctantly, I was trying to throw a complete game here, but I think we’re going to have to go to the bullpen, and I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but you’re Mariano Rivera, at least tonight,” Costas told Lauer and the rest of the “TODAY” gang. “Let’s hope it’s only tonight. I’m walking around, I might as well be playing ‘Marco Polo.’ I have no idea where I am.”

Costas made light of his disturbing and apparently now painful eye infection during Monday’s coverage, downing a shot of vodka with cohort Mary Carillo.

“I’m not really that much of a vodka guy,” Costas told Carillo. “I’m looking at it this way, though. My eyes can’t get any redder, no matter what I do.”

The progressively worsening condition gave both NBC and Costas no choice but to give him the night off. It’s been a source of humor on the Internet, but in all honesty, what a terrible situation for the guy. You have to feel for him.

Get well soon, Bob Costas. Hopefully he can return to NBC’s Olympics coverage soon enough with nasty, goopy and red eyes that don’t creep the hell out of everyone.