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US luger Kate Hansen grooves to Beyonce, gets down, gets funky before races to loosen up (GIFs)


United States Olympic luger Kate Hansen has a very unconventional — but highly entertaining — means through which she gets focused, warmed-up and loose for an upcoming race: She straps on the headphones, gets lost in her thoughts and busts out some nifty little dance moves.


According to NBC, the music of choice for Hansen typically is Beyonce. Personally, I opt of Bozz Scaggs whenever I’m trying to get pumped for a luge race, which of course is never.

But here’s another look at how Hansen goes about her pre-race preparations:

One NBC commentator elected to be a Danny Downer about Hansen’s unfettered demonstration of loosey-gooseyness by critiquing her pre-race routine.

NBC luge commentator Duncan Kennedy, who once was a luger himself, ripped Hansen for her dance of joy, arguing that she instead should be doing something more “sport-specific.”

What a nattering nabob of negativity. Sheesh. If provided the forum, Kennedy would probably rail against smiling, laughing and any demonstration of joyous looseness before a race as well. I can imagine him saying to the team, “What did I tell you kids about having fun?”

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