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U.S. bobsledder Johnny Quinn, trapped in bathroom previously, gets trapped in elevator (photo)


U.S. Olympic bobsledder Johnny Quinn is having a helluva time at the Winter Olympics in Sochi concerning repeated instances where he has found himself locked in cramped spaces.

Over the weekend, Quinn became trapped in the bathroom of his room and was forced to bust through the door that left it eerily reminiscent rof the aftermath of the rage Jack Torrance unleashed upon the bathroom door in “The Shining.”

Here’s Johnny! Get it? It works because his name is Johnny. Ha.

Anyhoo, on Monday, as you can see above, Quinn became ensnared in the clutches of a malfunctioning elevator, tweeting, “No one is going to believe this but we just got stuck in an elevator.”

Trapped in a bathroom, trapped in an elevator. If his room has a closet, he’s one unlucky move away from being an R. Kelly song.