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Just in time for the holidays, NFL-themed ugly Christmas sweaters unveiled (photos)


While the timing of the release is somewhat questionable, one cannot argue with the product … unless taste or style are being used as measuring sticks.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater, long the choice of holiday apparel for hipsters but now becoming the go-to article of clothing for anyone seeking to display a sense of hackneyed irony, now comes in NFL-themed but still atrocious X-Mas apparel, thanks to Clark Toys.

For $49.99 a pop, be the first person on your block or at the office that is ready for next holiday season’s Ugly Christmas Sweater party while at the same time being able to profess support for your favorite NFL team.

Each and every National Football League team has two versions of the Ugly Christmas Sweater. For the purposes of previewing the sweaters, below are both offerings available for the two teams who just competed in Super Bowl XLVIII: the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. The two teams who lost to the Super Bowl participants in the Conference Championship games — the San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots — also are featured.

seattle-seawhawks-ugly-xmas-sweater seattle-seahawks-ugly-xmas-sweater-2 denver-broncos-ugly-xmas-sweater-2 denver-broncos-ugly-xmas-sweater san-francisco-49ers-ugly-xmas-sweater san-francisco-49ers-ugly-xmas-sweater-2 new-england-patriots-ugly-xmas-sweater new-england-patriots-ugly-christmas-sweater-2

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas … in February. Sheesh, the holiday push gets earlier and earlier every year.

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