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Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon in the process of getting massive back tattoo (photos)


Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon put up some sick numbers this season despite having a revolving door at the team’s quarterback position. In 14 games, Gordon posted 87 receptions for 1,646 yards, including a two-game stretch where he put up the following absurdly mind-blowing numbers:

  • Week 12: 14 receptions for 237 yards (1 TD) against the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Week 13: 10 receptions for 261 yards (2 TD) against the Jacksonville Jaguars

Sick, indeed. As alluded to above, his phenomenal season involved three different quarterbacks (Jason Campbell (8)/Brandon Weeden (5)Brian Hoyer (3)) tossing balls his way. A continuation of a truly remarkable run of ineptitude by the Browns at developing a franchise quarterback over the years, something that has been humorously documented by one presumably frustrated Browns fan.

Equally sick is the massive amount of ink Gordon presently is getting imprinted on his back and around his neck. Gordon took to his Instagram account over the weekend to provide a work in progress accounting of the absurd amount of tattoo work he is getting done.

Wow, that’s crazy,man. The tats will go well with his camouflage Porsche. Or whatever.

Before he’s done, it appears as if Gordon will not have one square inch of skin on his torso that is not covered with tattoos. Gordon even tweeted that getting tattoos doesn’t bother him at all, equating the sensation to a massage.

That’s probably a good outlook to have when that much tattooing is being done.

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