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Memphis Grizzlies giving away 5,000 temporary neck tattoos to honor James Johnson (photo)


Memphis Grizzlies fans who always wanted to get a neck tattoo but were dissuaded from doing so either due to the fear of the pain associated or being ostracized and marginalized as an oddball at the office will have the chance to take a temporary one for a ride.

That is if they are one of first 5,000 fans to show up for the team’s game on Feb. 21 against the Los Angeles Clipppers, as the team is holding a temporary neck tattoo giveaway night in honor of James Johnson, a relatively unheralded forward who is making a name for himself as a contributing role player.

Johnson was signed out of the D-League on Dec. 16 and in the short time on the roster has ingratiated himself for his hard, workmanlike play.

The temporary tattoo features “GRIZZLIES” in block letters and is a tribute to the neck tattoo Johnson sports, which he got inked into the sensitive area on his neck which is a tribute in its own right to the premature birth of his son.

Johnson got the tattoo last March to honor his prematurely born son. It reads, “NAYMIN 3.9.13,” the date his son was born six weeks premature. Naymin spent the first stages of his life in intensive care.

“Life changed for me after that,” Johnson told ESPN. “Life wasn’t about only me anymore. After that day, the head on my shoulders was different from what it was before.”

And now, Grizzlies fans can pay tribute to Johnson by mimicking his tribute to his son, who is doing well now, weighing a sturdy 24 pounds at only 11 months.

All that without the pain, discomfort and the permanent condition of getting a real neck tattoo. What a deal! Easily the coolest temporary tattoo to a pro athlete’s ink since a company came up with Colin Kaepernick temporary tats.