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Kevin Durant has a new bulldog puppy, everyone (photo)

In a story sure to shake the foundations of sports journalism to its very core and stand the NBA world on its head, the biggest news out of basketball right now is how Kevin Durant has a new pet puppy.

The Oklahoma City Thunder superstar revealed his new best buddy via his Instagram account on Thursday.

The name? Zo, who appears to be some kind of bulldog breed. And an adorable one at that.

Kevin Durant has been on a near-historic run in 2014 and here’s to hoping that Zo will inspire the dynamic scorer to even higher heights.

One regret: KD didn’t name Zo some variation of his “Slim Reaper” nickname. Although the fact that Durant doesn’t like the moniker may have something to do with the decision not to go that route.

Kevin Durant has a new puppy, everyone. Let’s see the NBA top that story this weekend.