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Nope, nothing over the top or crazy about Jonny Gomes’ huge Red Sox World Series tattoo (pic)

Well, that’s certainly something. Boston Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes got himself a pretty crazy — and rather large — tattoo on the side of his abdomen to commemorate the BoSox’s 2013 World Series title.

Gomes’ teammate Mike Napoli originally left the proud owner of the tattoo a mystery:

Napoli ultimately revealed the man behind the tat after posting the original teaser image. And, as you can plainly see, Gomes went the simplistic, conventional and understated route with his ink.

After all, what kind of World Series title tattoo would it be without the presence of what appears to be a heavily bearded gnome-like thing that resembles Gomes who is flexing on a duck boat while holding the Commissioner’s Trophy?

An ill-suited testament not befitting a tattooed tribute to World Series glory, that’s for sure.

Had this been Dustin Pedroia, you just know what creature would be driving the duck boat.