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John Daly plays pro-am with Kid Rock in pants that are totally money … literally (photo)


John Daly, known as the “Man of a Thousand Pairs of Garish Pants” (okay, not really, but he could be), took part in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am on Thursday rocking perhaps the craziest pair of golf pants he’s ever worn. And that’s saying something (SpongeBob slacks, anyone?)

Regaled in slacks featuring $100 and $50 bills, Daly toiled around the course looking so money he didn’t even know it.

To add to the abject surrealism of the scene, as you can see above, Daly’s playing partner in the Pro-Am? None other than Kid Rock. Can you imagine how many cases of the rocker’s American Badass Beer those pants could buy if those were real bills on Daly’s pants? A lot, man. A lot.

Crap, do you know how many cases of the rocker’s American Badass Beer the pants alone could buy? Probably at least several 24-packs, right?

Folks who tune in to golf broadcasts on television tend to skew to the older white male set — all the boner pill ads should have tipped you off on that one. If the PGA Tour really wants to change the demographics of its viewers to trend towards the younger generation, make these two wild and crazy guys the featured pairing in every pro-am — or any other gimmicky celebrity golf event — that airs. Could you imagine how many new viewers would be enticed by a pairing of John Daly and Kid Rock to watch that hot mess?

Check out some photos from this dynamic duo’s previous golf outings:

john-daly-kid-rock-2 TS KID ROCK_DALY1

Now that’s not what you want to see heading up to the tee box on Saturday morning. But nevertheless totally awesome.

Sheesh, highlight these two on broadcasts and even folks of the following ilk may even tune in:

White Trash Family Portrait

Nice. Call the event the “NASCAR Presents the Greater White Trash Open” and you’re talking ratings gold, baby.

[H/T Eye on Golf, image via Golf Channel Instagram]