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US skier Heidi Kloser blows out knee in practice, asks dad, ‘Am I still an Olympian?’ (photo)


In a truly heartbreaking story, Heidi Kloser became the first high-profile injury casualty for Team USA in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The mogul skier, taking a warm-up run just before she was scheduled to perform her qualification run on Thursday, suffered a torn ACL, among other horrific injuries.

The injury was so severe she had to be carried down the mountain on a stretcher.

Devastated, Kloser asked her dad, Mike, a question during the ambulance ride that must have brought tears to his eyes, if not anyone who reads about it.

Kloser’s father recants the trip to the hospital on Facebook:

We just got down from the Olympic Village ER where Heidi was taken to after a bad fall in her training run prior to tonight’s Olympic qualifier. She was in a lot of pain when we got to see her in the medical room at the base of the course. They loaded her in an ambulance and took her up to the ER for x-rays and an MRI. Heidi was in good hands with Dr. Sterett and several other US Team Doctors. The news isn’t good though. She has a partially torn MCL, completely torn ACL, an impact fracture on her Femur, and a impact bruise on her Tibia Plateau. Heidi’s doing ok, but there’s moments when the reality of it all hits home, she’s a tough one, but this is a tough one to swallow for all of us!

And then, the tear-inducing inquiry from Heidi:

When she was in the ambulance, she asked Emily and me if she was still an Olympian…. We said of course she is! With Emily Kloser and Heidi Kloser. Thanks for all the support we have already received from so many of you. We LOVE you HEIDI!!!!

Oh man, that is so, so sad. Of course, she’s an Olympian. And the messages of support both on Facebook and Twitter shows that many people agree.

Just a short time ago on Friday morning, Kloser posted the following message on her Twitter account:

Awesome outlook but extremely heartbreaking nonetheless. Despite dealing dealt a devastating blow, Kloser remains positive while displaying the heart of a true champion, even though she sadly will be unable to live her Olympic dream in the way she’s probably imagined it since she was a little girl.

Here’s to a speedy recovery for Heidi Kloser.

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