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Avalanche fan uses huge text on cell phone screen to complain about ‘mean’ Flyers fans (photo)

The Colorado Avalanche and the Philadelphia Flyers squared off for both teams’ penultimate game before the NHL’s Olympics break on Thursday night at Wells Fargo Center.

Apparently, one Avs fan in attendance believed that some Flyers fan — or contingent of Flyers fans — were being “mean,” as one can easily surmise from the photo above that documents just how large of text the Avs fan was utilizing on his cell phone screen.

Philly fans have a reputation — fair or unfair, warranted or unwarranted, accurate or inaccurate — of being a surly bunch, so perhaps it wouldn’t be surprising that some less sophisticated and boorish member or members of Flyers Nation may have been giving this guy a hard time.

The700Level reached out to the person who posted the above tweet to see if any light could be shed upon exactly what went down that prompted the Avs fan to bemoan the behavior of Philly fans via absurdly large cell phone screen text.

According to this particular eyewitness, nothing warranted to huge text complaint.

“No one in the section had said a word to him and the pic was taken early in the 2nd period – maybe somebody said something when he wasn’t in his seats,” the Flyers fan told the site.

The mystery deepens…