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Poop while enjoying spectacular views of Caucasus Mountains in this Sochi bathroom stall (pic)


Behold, a bathroom stall located in Red Fox, a restaurant at the Rosa Khutor ski resort, the site of the mountain events at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Imagine squatting down and having your breath taken away by images highlighting the spectacularly picturesque vistas of the Caucasus Mountains. All while trying to poop. Or pee for women (or men who sit down when they pee, however strange that may be). Seems to me that it would be distracting. Like George Costanza, I find the soothing pastoral images of French Impressionist paintings very conducive…

Never mind. Who knows? Some folks probably would enjoy it.

One good thing: I see no wastebasket where a person who just relieved themselves can dispose of soiled toilet paper. Although there is no sign present banning the disposal of toilet paper in this particular toilet, so maybe a person can flush away a toilet filled with TP with abandon.

Also: Don’t even bother fishing or attempting to pull an upper-decker on this toilet.


That would just be silly.

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