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Russian women’s Olympic curling team sure to cause a fair share of hogged stones (photos)


No, “hogged stones” isn’t some kind of hackneyed reference to some kind of over-the-top, pseudo-masturbatory curling slang. It’s a real curling term, meaning, “A stone that does not reach the far hog line.”

Okay, it was a weak attempt at crude, pseude-masturbatory curling slang humor. Coming across “hogged stones” in a curling glossary made it far too difficult to resist.

Fittingly, Anna Sidorova has been receiving the most attention on the interwebs, quite fairly, too, as you will see below. Same goes for Ekaterina Galkina, a rather comely lass in her own right, as you will surely agree.

Heck, I even threw in an additional member of the squad and I don’t even know her name. I’m sure it would be easy to figure out, but I’m a lazy sort.

So, without further ado, enjoy a smidgen of images available on the Internet of both Sidorova, Galkina, and um, that other gal.

Ekaterina Galkina

russia-women-olympic-curling-team-1 russia-women-olympic-curling-team-3russia-women-olympic-curling-team-2

Anna Sidorova

russia-women-olympic-curling-team-9russia-women-olympic-curling-team-10russia-women-olympic-curling-team-11 russia-women-olympic-curling-team-12 russia-women-olympic-curling-team-13 russia-women-olympic-curling-team-14 russia-women-olympic-curling-team-15 russia-women-olympic-curling-team-16

The Other Gal

russia-women-olympic-curling-team-7 russia-women-olympic-curling-team-8 russia-women-olympic-curling-team-6

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