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Denver Broncos fan shows off Super Bowl XLVIII champs tattoo because of course he did (pic)


Well, this Denver Broncos fans’ tattoo gambit at Super Bowl XLVIII outcome prescience obviously didn’t work out as well as the Seattle Seahawks fan who had his Super Bowl champs tattoo inked into his skin before the season even began.

Who know when this guy got his Denver Broncos-Super Bowl champions tattoo? For all we know, he got it after the Super Bowl in the hopes of garnering some attention for himself on the Internet. Let’s put it this way: It doesn’t require any higher degree of intelligence to get a Super Bowl champs tattoo before the game than it does to get one that erroneously predicts the outcome after the fact. Either way, it’s a risky — and unwise — endeavor.

Crap, this could be photoshopped, too. Or it’s a temporary tattoo. Either way, we may have been played by this fella, but at least ignorance is bliss and we are afforded the pleasure of mocking and ridiculing him for his Bad Idea Ink until such facts emerge that prove otherwise and indicate we’ve been had.

[H/T Extra Mustard, originally posted on Imgur by way of PPP]