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Richard Sherman serves up perfect response to Twitter troll who called him ‘needle dick’ (photo)


Since any ham-fisted, knuckle-dragging cretin can have a Twitter account, it’s no surprise that the dregs of humanity are prominent on the social media site. Often, these bozos attempt to troll athletes and other stars on Twitter in a hackneyed bid for attention and to somehow make their miserable lives seem worthwhile.

More often than not, when presented with a Twitter troll, a well-known individual is better-served by ignoring the ignorant ramblings. But if a superstar is inclined to respond, they would be well-advised to take a page from Richard Sherman’s playbook.

Some moron attempted to hate on the Seattle Seahawks cornerback for his performance in his team’s 43-8 romp over the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, calling Sherman a “needle Dick” of all things.

Of course, the tweet has since been deleted, but here’s the series of tweets from the mouth-breather:

@RSherman_25 Everyone who heard you dissing Manning before knows you don’t mean a damn word of this, you pathetic, disingenuous punk.

— * (@SnBEternally) February 5, 2014

@RSherman_25 Take your phony praise and shove it up your drugged out ass, you worthless scumbag.

— * (@SnBEternally) February 5, 2014

@RSherman_25 Seattle beat Denver, but you contributed nothing and got carted off with an injury. Karma’s a NASTY bitch, needle Dick!

— * (@SnBEternally) February 5, 2014

An awful lot of misguided haterade right there. Undaunted by the moron’s taunts, here’s how Sherman responded:

BAM! Grab some bench, Twitter hater. You just got served a delicious serving of comeuppance along with a side of smack down!