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Russian cops similar to elderly neighbor when it comes to grass, just ask Nastia Lukin (photo)


If Nastia Lukin thought for one second the fact that she was born in Moscow, Russia before emigrating to the United States when she was two would mean that she could traipse all over the grass in Sochi for a photograph, well, she’s got another thing coming.

Apparently, the Russian police value the unsullied condition of their grass in the same way that cantankerous old coot in your neighborhood would berate you for daring to stop foot in his yard. “GET OFF MY LAWN!!” as the stereotypical command would go.

“Nyet,” said the Russian grass gestapo. At least that is what can be gleaned from what the 24-year-old former gymnast and lovely Subway pitchwoman tweeted on Wednesday, as she explains in a message attached to the above photo, “Being yelled at by a Russian policeman telling me to get off the grass…” Yikes.

Good thing she wasn’t shipped off to the gulag. Betraying her homeland to win medals for the United States gymnastics team AND walking on the grass? No good.

In Russia, grass mows you! Or something.

[H/T The Big Lead]