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Metta World Peace writes second children’s book: ‘Metta’s World Peace and Love Stories’ (pic)


New York Knicks star and accomplished author Metta World Peace announced on Twitter on Tuesday the imminent release of his second children’s book. A sequel to his 2013 book, “Metta’s Bedtime Stories,” (which was robbed of a Newbery Medal nomination in my humble opinion), MWP’s newest children’s book is “Metta’s World Peace and Love Stories.”

The book is about, uh, love and stuff. Why bother with trying to explain it when Metta World Peace took to Twitter to do the same. Much more eloquently, too, I might add.

But first, from Create Space, where the book can be purchased for only $12.95:

A little bit of love goes a long way in our world. Metta’s World Peace and Love Stories celebrate the many ways we can all show love. It’s equally as important to love ourselves, as it is to love and appreciate our families, friends, and the community we live in.

Love isn’t something we should only express on occasion. It’s something that should always be flowing from our thoughts, words, and actions. Think about it, can a day without love be a good day? Probably not because love is what delivers smiles, helps you appreciate what you have a bit more, and love also shows others that they are cared for. We are all part of the same world community and we all have one thing in common: we can demonstrate and express love each and every day.

Use these stories as a way to inspire young, brilliant minds to make love a top priority in their lives. Help everyone realize and spread the exciting message that comes when we all live with love in our hearts. It’s our opportunity to receive and give a very special gift-the gift of love. 5 Stories are featured in this book: Mirror, Mirror, Seven Days of Love, Love Chart, Community Love, Who is the Best?

And, from the author himself:

Of course, some hating naysayers and nonbelievers emerged to be all negative and stuff:

But Mettar refused to be deterred, as he continued to tout the book’s many merits and worthwhile stories:

In all seriousness with no trace of sarcasm or snark: This is awesome. Kudos to Metta World Peace for writing this book. Well done, sir.