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Native daughter Maria Sharapova does her best to portray Sochi as not an utter s**tshow (pics)


Before moving to the United States to pursue her burgeoning tennis career at the age of seven, Maria Sharapova spent her early years in what was back then the Soviet Union. After being born in Nyagard, Sharapova’s family moved to Sochi when she was two.

With the whiz-bang job Sochi has done preparing horribly for the upcoming 2014 Winter Games, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that officials corralled one of the city’s semi-native daughters to tout all that is glorious and wonderful about Sochi.

A tough sell, indeed, especially in light of the unbelievable amount of bad press the city is receiving as the media and athletes descend upon the Russian town bordering on the Black Sea. No need to go over all that is wrong about how seemingly ill-prepared Sochi is to host the Winter Olympics — that would take forever — but suffice to say, this edition of the Winter Games very well could turn out to be a complete and utter s**tshow.

But there was Sharapova on Wendesday, touting the beautiful coastal town and all the wonderful things it has to offer to anyone willing to suspend their disbelief and listen.

“I love the beauty of the city. I love the nature of the city,” said Sharapova, quoted in a USA Today report. “I love the view from the coastline … I love that you can swim in the Black Sea and then go ski in the mountains on the same day.”

“It will be an incredible experience for the athletes,” she added.

Sharapova, who will serve as a cultural attaché of sorts in a corespondent role for NBC, expressed pride when discussing her old hometown.

“It’s so special and meaningful for me to have these Winter Games in Sochi,” she said.

Despite her time away from Sochi, she still holds the city dear.

“I spent probably six years of my life here, and I know a lot about the city … I still have family here … and I hope I will be able to share that with America,” Sharapova pointed out.

The 26-year-old shared a bunch of photos over the past several days of her experiences in Sochi — and broadcasting — thus far.

But it wasn’t all pro-Sochi propaganda for Sharapova. The savvy businesswoman that she is, the tennis superstar was also there to pimp product, including her Sugarpova line of candy and one of her sponsors, Samsung.

at its finest. Just one piece of advice, Miss Sharapova. Don’t put any toilet paper in the toilet, lest the TP Gestapo comes busting down your bathroom door.