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Lolo Jones posts evidence of ginormous goose egg above eye suffered during training (video)

Sure, some of her bobsled teammates on Team USA may think she doesn’t deserve to be on the Olympics squad, but Lolo Jones shows how she is willing to get all bruised and battered if it contributes to the betterment of the team.

Jones posted a video to Instagram documenting how she had suffered a sizable goose egg about her right eye that she apparently suffered not from a crash, but from hitting her head on the bobsled’s brakes. She writes, “Why I have a headache.” Ouch. That’s gotta hurt. The insertion of a scene from “Rocky” into the video was a nice touch as well.

Sure, this video isn’t as provocative as the video and photo she posted last week which showed her sexily showcasing Team USA’s bobsled uniforms, but the above video does indicate Jones’ commitment level to the squad. Kudos.

As an aside, Jones posted a photo to her Instagram account showcasing the breathtaking views she can enjoy from her dorm in Sochi:

Something to take her mind off everything that probably is wrong with her room, I guess, including brown water and goodness knows what else.