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Guh: Justin Bieber drops by rink, skates during club hockey practice … in gold chains (video)


So, on Tuesday, Justin Bieber decided to make a pit stop during the magical mystery tour that has become the pop star’s rapidly accelerating descent into decadence, depravity and self-destructive debauchery — he’s like the Canadian Caligula — at an Atlanta hockey rink to do a little bit of skating while participating in a club practice.

Bieber and his entourage showed up in limos at Marietta Ice Center in Cobb County and took part in a little puck-playing along with some 40 other hockey players, who were presumably slack-jawed, awestruck and maybe even a bit embarrassed.

Because he is Justin Bieber, he of course did so while rocking gold chains and skinny jeans, the go-to ensemble for any puck purist. Yeah.

Some members of the EJHL’s Atlanta Junior Knights were in attendance, including a lad named Jacob Ruggiero, who alerted his sister Alex of Bieber’s presence.

Access Atlanta chronicles the momentous event:

“There were only about 40 people there,” Ruggiero told us. Her brother, Jacob Ruggiero, was playing hockey there when Bieber and friends showed up. Being the world’s greatest brother, Jacob called his sister to alert her, and she and Ally headed on down.

“Two limos pulled up and Justin walked right out with his entourage,” Alex said. “He skated a while and then said hey to a few of my friends. He was there for about an hour. Initially he was allowing people to take pictures of him but then he was like nah, and then got really annoyed at everyone and left.”

Ally and Justin spent 10 meaningful seconds looking in each other’s direction.

“I was at a Walton basketball game when Alex called me to tell me Justin was at our local hockey rink so I headed over there with two of my other friends,” Ally told us. “We watched him play with a bunch of other club hockey players for a while and he was really good! He took pictures with some hockey players on the sideline. Then he left and we didn’t manage to get any pictures with him because there were a lot of hockey players and fans surrounding him which was understandable! But we managed to get those pictures of him and a quick hello as he walked out!”


Here’s some video of Biebs skating:

Good grief. What a tool, man. The only question: Why didn’t some goon take a run at the self-destructive Biebster and put him and the entire world out of our misery?

[H/T Puck Daddy]