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Chicks, Man

Team USA downhill skier Julia Mancuso flashes a little butt crack for GQ shoot (photo)


Now that’s a provocative photo. No ifs, and or buts. Butt cracks, sure, but Team USA downhill skier Julia Mancuso nevertheless looks great in a photo shoot for the February issue of GQ. Mancuso is no slouch on the slopes, either, winning three medals (one gold in 2006) in Olympic competition. Mancuso discusses winning — along with another risque photograph — at

“It is not a shock to me when I have a good race,” the 29-year-old alpine skier says. “I started to tell people I’d just worn my lucky underwear.” And then, in 2010, she actually designed an underwear line, Kiss My Tiara, so there’s truth to the snark. Lucky underwear alone, though, can’t account for Mancuso’s Olympic gold medal (in the giant slalom at Turin in 2006) or her two silvers (in Vancouver in 2010). Or, for that matter, the strong odds that she’ll medal again this year in Sochi. And, sure: That competitiveness with Lindsey Vonn (Tiger’s lady friend!), who beat her to the gold by half a second last time, might make her push a little harder this time. But Mancuso’s an equal-opportunity rival. “I’m racing against all sixty people out there,” she says.

Best of luck to Mancuso in the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi. And lets save the butt crack cracks for another time. (Photo Credit: Marc Hom/GQ)