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Dapper duo: Tom Brady and son wearing matching outfits the epitome of adorableness (photo)

Professionally, Tom Brady may have preferred to be in New York over the past week or so preparing and ultimately competing in Super Bowl XLVIII, but personally, there is probably absolutely nothing wrong as far as he is concerned with the opportunity to instead spend time with is family, in particular his son.

Gisele Bundehcn, the New England Patriots quarterback’s supermodel better half, posted the above image of Tommy Boy and his four-year-old son Benjamin to Instagram on Tuesday along with the written observation, “Someone is trying to be just like his daddy.”

Everyone all at once: Awwwwww … cue up “Cat’s in the Cradle,” someone, and let the gentle weeping commence.

It’s difficult to ascertain exactly where this photograph was taken, but a photo Gisele posted to Instagram on Monday appears to indicate that the family is spending some time in her native Brazil.

Talk about styling. That’s one dapper duo right there. The only thing that could have made this any better is if Gisele had posted another photo of the two riding around on scooters together. Because we all know how much Tommy Terrific enjoys tooling around on scooters.


Picture him rollin’! Ha. Never gets old.

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