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Patrick Kane breaks down, tears up after playing game following grandfather’s passing (video)


Chicago Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane learned shortly before he and his teammates took the ice for a game against the Los Angeles Kings on Monday that his paternal grandfather, Patrick Kane, had passed away.

Following the game, a 5-3 win where he scored two goals and added an assist, an incredibly — and understandably — emotional Kane discussed the close bond he shared with his grandfather and how devastated he was to hear the heartbreaking news.

“It was a tough day overall,” Kane said, according to a Chicago Tribune report, as he broke into tears in the locker room. “He was one of my great friends growing up. It’s just a really sad, sad day. It was important to get the win, but any time you someone taken away from you, who’s so close to you, who means so much, it’s tough to get ready for the game.”

As is often the case with athletes, Kane found solace and some semblance of peace in the company of his teammates as he played the game he loves. Kane came out motivated and produced quickly, scoring his first goal only a little more than a minute into the game.

After he celebrated with this teammates, Kane skated away and gestured to the sky, pointing to the heavens to honor and pay tribute to his beloved grandfather.

“He lived next door to me my whole childhood,” Kane said. “We would do things like play cards and hang out by the pool throughout the summers. He came to all of my hockey games … It was a tough day for sure.”

Tough day, indeed. And a brilliant performance by Kane under horrible circumstances. His dearly departed grandfather would have been proud.