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Wipe your ass if you like at Sochi Olympics, but don’t put toilet paper in the crapper (photo)


Toilets have become a somewhat surprising storyline heading into the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Although it becomes less surprising after hearing — and seeing — all the boffo kinds of things revolving around what purportedly entails the appropriate use of the restrooms at Olympic sites.

The above image exposes the ridiculously strict rules that guideline how one is to use a toilet in Sohci, via a tweet from Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyskysnki.

Yep, wipe your ass if you choose, but those running the show in the host city will be damned to turn a blind eye to someone being so irresponsible as to actually place toilet paper in a toilet. Kindly place the used, soiled and sullied TP into a conveniently placed trash receptacle, please. Nope, nothing gross about that.

It gets even more bizarre when one learns what other rules are in place related to acceptable bathroom behavior.

Canadian snowboarder Sebastien Toutant tweeted the below image of a sign posted outside a toilet that indicates what are deemed as no-nos when one enters a bathroom to go-go:

Yep, no fishing in the toilets. Now that’s just a crappy rule right there. Putting the kibosh on folks pulling an upper-decker or whizzing all over the place are understandable, but if you have a rod, a reel and a toilet full of water — and possibly fish (?) — what right does anyone have to stand in the way of fishing?

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