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Lindsey Vonn on Tiger Woods, possible plans for Valentine’s Day: ‘He’s a teddy bear’


Commence cringing, Tiger Woods. It seems like every time Lindsey Vonn discusses her relationship with the golfer, she says something that the notoriously private star likely would prefer she not reveal.

While rocking the red carpet at ESPN’s Super Bowl party in New York on Friday, Vonn was asked by E! News (video here) if she and Tiger have any extra-special plans for Valentine’s Day.

Given that she won’t be competing at the Winter Olympics in Sochi due to injury, the big romantic day should be wide open for something special. But Vonn says the two have been far too busy to make any specific plans.

“I’ve been so focused on my surgery, I’m only two and half weeks out so…” Vonn told E!. “He’s competing and I’m rehabbing, so Valentine’s Day isn’t number-one on our priority list—but I’m sure we’ll do something fun.”

Vonn did reveal that despite his steely demeanor, as far as Tiger’s romantic inclinations are concerned, he’s an old softie.

“He’s a teddy bear,” Vonn revealed after she was asked if Tiger may surprise her with some lavish romantic gesture.

Yep, that’s exactly how Tiger wants to be characterized. As a harmless, adorable teddy bear. But hey, at least Vonn didn’t bring up his bathroom habits again. Or refer to him as “dorky, goofy-dorky”, as she has previously done.