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A sliding Alex Gordon tears away covering of billboard in brilliant ad by Kansas City Royals (photo)


The Kansas City Royals have upped the promotion game with this ingenious billboard the major league team teased on Monday on Twitter. It features Royals left fielder/third baseman Alex Gordon sliding, but it’s what the player’s slide is purportedly doing to the billboard that makes it so darn clever.

Due to the “force” of Gordon’s slide, the covering of the billboard is pulled away, showing the interior metal framing of the sign.

Just because the Royals have upped their promotion game for this upcoming season does not mean the organization is unfamiliar with going above and beyond with its billboards. In its tweet, the Royals reference a billboard campaign from last season where pitcher James Shields is shown throwing a pitch on one billboard that tears through a billboard featuring catcher Salvador Perez fielding the toss.


Great stuff.

[H/T MLB Fan Cave, images via @Royals, @MLBFanCave]